Why Third Party Travel Sites Are Not Necessarily The Cheapest

With advertisements similar to this: “we promise that the lowest rates online or we’ll refund the difference” staring at you, wouldn’t this make you believe this site had the cheapest rate available for your hotel that you need to remain in? It would me. But wait – every third party website states the exact same thing. They couldn’t ALL have the lowest or most affordable speed, can they? And what about franchise series sites that guarantee a free night should they don’t have the cheapest rate available?

Assume for a minute you’re searching for affordable luxury hotels or last minute hotel deals. Remember that getting an affordable rate doesn’t necessarily indicate you’re searching for affordable hotels. I recently searched the significant travel sites for Fisherman’s Wharf and discovered a Hotel (that I won’t title) recorded for $133.75. On the hotels own site, they had a rate of $179.00. It seems the third party website did have a lesser speed. But wait! There’s a best rate guarantee check here and it says they’ll fit any lower rate you visit any site – simply call them and inform them. Therefore the rates will be indistinguishable and both would have the cheapest rate available.

Merely to confuse things a little more, think about that on a rival’s site, this hotel had a speed of $134.25. This website provides to repay the gap AND provides a $50 travel voucher should they overlook not have the cheapest speed. It can be a marketing strategy for this particular website, to give a $50 coupon for a 50 cent gap. Or maybe they assume people simply don’t even go to the problem more than 50 cents and won’t ever use for the voucher, a far more likely scenario.

The most important thing is that for one to locate low cost hotels along with also the cheapest advance rate potential, the least expensive rate you may become nearly always comes from among many different resources. Calling the hotel right may or may not provide you with a much lower price – that will ride on their occupancy when you telephone. In minimum they ought to fit the Third Party speed but you want to understand what that speed is to be able to be certain that you receive it! You would have to do some minimal research but in the long run you will often save at least 30%, which might be anywhere from $20 up to $100. Not a bad rate of return for 15-20 minutes worth of effort.